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Landscape Irrigation
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Landscape Irrigation

Landscape irrigation systems are designed to save time and water. Remember to regularly check your irrigation system for broken or clogged emitters, and make certain water is not spraying walkways, driveways or roadways. Water only between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m. when weather is coolest and evaporation is at a minimum. Reset irrigation timers seasonally to account for fluctuating water needs, and skip the next watering cycle after a monsoon rain. This WaterSmart tip is brought to you by the Upper Verde River Watershed Protection Coalition. Please be fire wise and water smart during the hot, summer months.

leak detection

Be Water Smart in your home. Implement proven conservation practices at home to save money and water. Detecting a leak requires following a few simple steps. Locate your water meter. Turn off all indoor and outdoor water using devices. Record the water meter reading. Wait 30 minutes; read the meter again. If the reading is different, there is a leak. This Water Smart tip brought to you by the Upper Verde River Watershed Coalition, a partnership of local governments committed to the efficient use of our water resources.

native plants

Living WaterSmart is easier than you think. Did you know that over half of the water consumed during summer months is for outdoor landscape watering?  Remember to buy native when selecting plants for you landscape. Click on the water conservation link of this website to learn more about outdoor water conservation. WaterSmart is a water conservation program of the Upper Verde River Watershed Protection Coalition.


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